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OpenStreetMap Compass - New Features

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OpenStreetMap Compass Integration

UK Ordnance Survey Maps have been integrated within this OpenStreetMap Compass tool. Ordnance Survey Compass overlays a compass on an Ordnance Survey Map that matches the UK OpenStreetMap location. OpenStreetMap Compass
OpenStreetMap Compass

The Ordnance Survey Compass integrated link can be found in the map style menu: The Ordnance Survey Compass integrated link
The Ordnance Survey Compass integrated link

If the OpenStreetMap location lies outside the UK, the Ordnance Survey Compass will load its default location centred on Lyndhurst, Hampshire.

Compass Fine Tuning Function

A digital readout of the compass bearing appears in red in the top right hand corner of the map. The compass can be adjusted and fine tuned by entering the number of degrees in the box. digital readout of the compass bearing The example below shows the map bearing of 96º highlighted in the top right corner in preparation for changing. Enter a new bearing and press the Enter key on your keyboard to effect the change. Fine tuning the compass
Fine tuning the compass

Print OpenStreetMap Routes

This OpenStreetMap Compass function prints large route maps by automatically centreing the map on the plotted route(s) and cropping the map into horizontal 'slices' which are then further cropped into printable 'tiles'. This overcomes the common failure of printers to handle large images, particularly map areas that lie outside of the immediate screenshot. To retain detail, the printable map is not reduced in size or resolution.

How is the size of each slice defined?

The maximum slice width is 960PX and the maximum height is 600PX. The Print Map function will try to create the slice with this width and height and if there is not enough space in the image, it will crop up to the end of the image width and height.

Changing Print Resolution

The Print resolution is controllable from the user end (Printing settings). The OpenStreetMap Compass Print Map function gives the user printable slices in the same OpenStreetMap resolution without shrinking the image width/height. We recommend a printer setting quality of 300 dpi or higher for best print results.

Changing Printer Layout to Landscape Orientation

Landscape page orientation is where the page is turned sideways, so the horizontal dimensions are longer than the vertical. Printers are programmed to print in 'Portrait Orientation' by default, with text printed lengthways down a page orientated with its vertical dimensions longer than the horizontal. Since the printable map tile horizontal widths are greater than their heights (960PX * 600 PX), we recommend that users select 'Landscape Orientation' from their Printer Preferences options.

Example An online OpenStreetMap Compass plotted routes example shows four routes 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8, which have been automatically cropped into six printable slices or tiles. To print, these routes should first be imported as ID 316: OpenStreetMap Compass Print Preview Example . Option boxes appear next to each map segment, allowing printing to be deselected if not required. OpenStreetMap Compass Print Preview Example
OpenStreetMap Compass Print Preview Example

If the map size is 1500PX * 800PX, the slices and tiles will be cropped as follows:
Width (PX)Height (PX)
Slice #11500600
Slice #1 Tile#1960600
Slice #1 Tile#2540600
Slice #21500200
Slice #2 Tile#1960200
Slice #2 Tile#2540200